Previewing PIX Vol. 2: TOO SUPER FOR SCHOOL!

You can now read the entire first chapter of PIX Vol. 2: TOO SUPER FOR SCHOOL (available May 3, 2017, in better comic shops everywhere)!

But while you wait until May, you can read 28 pages for free! And when you do, remember the book is currently available for pre-order from your local comic shop (tell them it’s Diamond Item #MAR170830), your local independent bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

Click here, or on the image below to see the preview!


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Just a quick post to share the cover to PIX Vol. 2: TOO SUPER FOR SCHOOL (which for fun you can compare to the earlier take I posted back in September 2016).

Meanwhile, I’m hard at work coloring the interior pages, and have a post for tomorrow that’ll give you a sneak peek at this new volume…

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Image Picks PIX!

In my last post I proudly announced the title for the second PIX book (Too Super for School) and showed the cover (in black and white, at least). I also said I was shooting for a March 2017 release. Well, boy have things changed since September!

A lot goes in to self-publishing a graphic novel. There’s not just the time to write, draw, design, etc, but there’s printing, promoting, sales, etc. It’s a lot. And self-publishing is just that, myself. Not long after posting that last update, I started getting printing quotes and looking ahead at all the stuff that’s not just making the book. At 200 pages, this new book would cost more to print (more pages cost more money) and ship (more pages make the books heavier meaning shipping goes up)…and it got me thinking a lot of things. Would I try to crowdfund to help raise money? Would I take from my savings more than I already have?

Someone pointed out how Image Comics had done well by their kids comics more recently. I know people at Image, several of them were super-helpful when I self-published One Weirdest Weekend. The more I thought about it, and talked to people about it, the more it made sense. So…I approached Image Comics, showed them what I had, and before too long they said, yes, they’d publish PIX!

It’s kind of awesome.

The plan, then, was for Image to do a new version of book one, for February of 2017, and then publish book two in May. But they wanted new covers, and I asked for some extra pages in book one (a little more breathing room for the title page, masthead, etc), so suddenly I had to create new covers, which…takes some time.

But it got done. The new cover for PIX: ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND, looks like this:

And it’s available for pre-order now, either through your local comic shop (using Diamond Code DEC160764) or ANYWHERE books are sold: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores…so if you don’t already have a copy, or want the new cover (and the extra pages inside – some early design sketches and color tests for Pix’s costume and a two-page bonus story), that’s how you get it!

And what about the original first edition? I still have copies, and they’re still available via the Pix store. Enter code “300” at checkout for a serious discount (on the paperback only, not on any of the digital edition or combo packs)…for a limited time (I feel like I’m competing with myself – because while having Image as my new publisher is great and takes a huge financial burden off my immediate shoulders, I still don’t make a dime until Image covers their cost, so…I’ve still gotta sell books!).

Looks like Pix book 2 is also up on Amazon, but it’s not the right/final cover, so…I won’t point to it just yet.

But that’s the big news. Hoping to share the NEW cover to book two sooner than later.

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Pix Book 2 – Title and Cover Announcement!

It’s been a busy summer as I’ve been working hard on the follow-up book to PIX: ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND. Subscribers to my monthly email newsletter have been getting regular updates (subscribe via the form on the right!), but today’s newsletter featured an update that needed a full court press. PIX book 2 has an official title…


But wait, there’s more! I also have cover art to share. I’m still finalizing the colors, but in the meantime, the line art for the new book is going to look like this…but in color:


Looking to have this book out in the spring of 2017 (shooting for March), but once I have an official date, I’ll make sure to post that, too.


But in the meantime, spread the word far and wide! The more people know about Pix the better!!!

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Pix Plus El Deafo…The Video!

Back when I did the #PixPlus series in the run-up to PIX: ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND’s release, I recorded the drawing process for one off them, the El Deafo piece. Now, over a year later, here’s that video:

Thanks to Paul McMahon of The Drennons for permission to use their music. See/Hear more from them on Facebook.

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First ever Pix fan art…from 2007?!

Pix_byLoreleiThe art above was drawn way back in 2007 by a then 13 or 14-year-old Lorelei, who I met at Comic-Con in San Diego in the years just before it became a mega-monster-show-of-epic-proportions it’s since become.

But wait, if PIX came out at the end of 2014 how did this young girl know who or what Pix even was? I’ll explain:

Before PIX: ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND was the full-color graphic novel as you know it, it was a mini-comic called “Pix: Teenage American Fairy”. I printed up and stapled copies…black & white art with color covers, and took it to comic book conventions where I’d sell them for $1 (or sometimes just give them away). Lorelai was one of those early/first readers, and she gave me the drawing above, which I’ve (obviously) held on to thinking/hoping/knowing one day – when the book was complete in the final format I imagined – I’d get to share it. That day has finally come!

For many years after that, I’d see Lorelei and her family in San Diego and she’d ask about Pix. As much as I wanted to do it because I believed in it, I now had someone else who wanted it, too!

Now, of course, Lorelei is 22-years-old, in college, becoming an actual adult person…so I maybe took too long for her, but I still think she’ll dig it (there’s a copy on its way to her so I’ll know for sure soon enough!).

And if you’re wondering, yes, that IS a strawberry with a cape on the upper right (I know, it’s awesome).


Do you or someone you know have fan art to share? Let me know. I’d love to see it!

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PixPlay at FCBD 2015!

This year I spent Free Comic Book Day with the great folks at Acme Comics in Greensboro, NC, who surprised me with a real-deal Pix cosplayer!

Gabrielle did an awesome job putting this costume together, and even at a good foot taller than Pix, she nailed it! Thanks Gabrielle and thanks Acme Comics!



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Review: VOYA’s Graphically Speaking

Kat Kan, a collections development librarian specializing in graphic novels, reviewed PIX in the April 2015 issue of VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) Magazine, “the leading library journal dedicated to the needs of young adult librarians, the advocacy of young adults, and the promotion of young adult literature and reading.”

The magazine is subscription-only, so here’s merely the PIX review, excerpted from page 50 (and Kat Kan’s bio from page 51) of that issue (click to enlarge):


Thanks so much to Kat Kan and VOYA!

Librarians can order copies of Pix from Brodart, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, etc, etc.

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First ever…#PixPlay!!!

I woke up this morning to a most delightful surprise on twitter when a Mr. Russell Allen wrote me to say:

just let you know great work and my daughter had to be Pix for storybook character day at her school

And he attached this image:


This little girl, age 7, is officially the first ever instance (of which I’m aware) of someone dressing up as Pix, and it’s the coolest. I mean…right?!

Thanks to Russell Allen and his daughter…and thanks to Fight or Flight Comics in Raleigh, NC, where they bought the book.

Good stuff all around!

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Watch the Book Trailer for PIX: ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND!!!

I’m happy to share the official book trailer for PIX: ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND! It’s a quick, one-minute video that I hope you’ll enjoy and share with everyone!

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