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Image Picks PIX!

In my last post I proudly announced the title for the second PIX book (Too Super for School) and showed the cover (in black and white, at least). I also said I was shooting for a March 2017 release. Well, boy have things changed since September!

A lot goes in to self-publishing a graphic novel. There’s not just the time to write, draw, design, etc, but there’s printing, promoting, sales, etc. It’s a lot. And self-publishing is just that, myself. Not long after posting that last update, I started getting printing quotes and looking ahead at all the stuff that’s not just making the book. At 200 pages, this new book would cost more to print (more pages cost more money) and ship (more pages make the books heavier meaning shipping goes up)…and it got me thinking a lot of things. Would I try to crowdfund to help raise money? Would I take from my savings more than I already have?

Someone pointed out how Image Comics had done well by their kids comics more recently. I know people at Image, several of them were super-helpful when I self-published One Weirdest Weekend. The more I thought about it, and talked to people about it, the more it made sense. So…I approached Image Comics, showed them what I had, and before too long they said, yes, they’d publish PIX!

It’s kind of awesome.

The plan, then, was for Image to do a new version of book one, for February of 2017, and then publish book two in May. But they wanted new covers, and I asked for some extra pages in book one (a little more breathing room for the title page, masthead, etc), so suddenly I had to create new covers, which…takes some time.

But it got done. The new cover for PIX: ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND, looks like this:

And it’s available for pre-order now, either through your local comic shop (using Diamond Code DEC160764) or ANYWHERE books are sold: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores…so if you don’t already have a copy, or want the new cover (and the extra pages inside – some early design sketches and color tests for Pix’s costume and a two-page bonus story), that’s how you get it!

And what about the original first edition? I still have copies, and they’re still available via the Pix store. Enter code “300” at checkout for a serious discount (on the paperback only, not on any of the digital edition or combo packs)…for a limited time (I feel like I’m competing with myself – because while having Image as my new publisher is great and takes a huge financial burden off my immediate shoulders, I still don’t make a dime until Image covers their cost, so…I’ve still gotta sell books!).

Looks like Pix book 2 is also up on Amazon, but it’s not the right/final cover, so…I won’t point to it just yet.

But that’s the big news. Hoping to share the NEW cover to book two sooner than later.

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