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PIX One Weirdest Weekend Debut!

This past weekend, September 5-7, 2014, was Baltimore Comic-Con, and the first public appearance of the final, printed PIX ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND graphic novel. I was part of the Kids Love Comics pavilion, organized but the great Mark Mariano, with his brother Christopher, which included outstanding cartoonist focussed on making comics for, well, kids…from the youngest readers to teenagers.

But before this past weekend, in fact, the weekend prior, I received my first, small shipment of books (the rest are on their way), and I cannot tell you how exciting it was to open that first box:

box of PIX books

I legitimately laughed out loud I was so overwhelmed with giddiness. They looked great and whatever lingering questions I had about how they’d print or the binding or the paper stock, etc, were settled.

And the positivity continued over the convention weekend, as people approached my table, either from seeing my banner from across the way or just passing by or talking to my table neighbors, and bought copies for themselves, their children, their nieces and nephews. And these were people who didn’t know me or my work, which sounds one way but is intended as a good thing. Friends and peers showing interest and support is one thing (which I don’t dismiss at all), but complete strangers buying the book because something about it or me interested them? Now that’s the stuff, right there!

The night before the show I did a drawing which I said I’d give to the first person who bought a copy – a drawing of Pix saying “Hey _____, you’re number one!”, and that drawing went to Jon, who bought the book (and by extension the drawing), for his niece. Of course I had a photo taken to commemorate the occasion:

the first Pix sale and sketch

So thanks to Jon and everyone else who bought a copy. It means the world to me.

Thanks to the various retailers I spoke to who showed excitement, the librarians who offered support and advice, and my professional peers who offered compliments and words of encouragement. Those folks maybe know best what it is I’m endeavoring, so I super appreciate that.

Next up for me is setting up the online store so you can buy copies wherever you are (though for the time being it’ll likely be US only)…but, if you’re in North Carolina and within driving distance from Greensboro, then you’ll want to get yourself to Acme Comics Presents, where they’ll have copies on sale today, 9/10/2014, the very first retailers to carry the book. So support them for supporting me and let’s keep the good times rolling!

PIX Acme

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