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Pix Plus…Amelia McBride!



One of the early successes in the modern kids comics world – in libraries and schools, especially – was the AMELIA RULES series by Jimmy Gownley. Amelia started as self-published comics and graphic novels and, over time, found its audience and now Amelia, and Jimmy, are instantly recognized in the field. Amelia’s an incredible character and the stories Jimmy tells are full of humor, heart, and deft, skillful cartooning. There’s a reason he’s won all kinds of awards, and why I had to draw Amelia and Pix together. That Amelia actually has a superhero alter ego, Princess Powerful, well, I naturally embraced that idea in my drawing, with Pix giving Amelia a hand with flying!

I’ve been lucky to know Jimmy for a good number of years, in fact, way back in 2008/2009, I gave Jimmy and his fellow “Kids Love Comics” cartoonists John Gallagher and Harold Buccholtz, copies of PIX black and white mini-comics, and they’ve ever since been super-supportive and encouraging of my efforts, and so much of what they’ve done has been inspiring to me. Jimmy even gave me a quote to put on the back of the book, for which I’ll always be thankful. It was especially satisfying to debut the book at Baltimore Comic-Con as PART OF the Kids Love Comics pavilion alongside the guys who’d seen the early stages.

Get the scoop on Amelia here.


Pix Plus is a series of drawings presenting Pix in team-ups with notable characters from kid-friendly comics and graphic novels. The series will run Monday-Friday, from November 17-December 24. Please do share and let people know about Pix and Pix Plus!

Ask your local comic shop to order PIX: ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND, in the December catalog, item #DEC141546

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