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Pix Plus…Bodie Troll!



Jay P. Fosgitt’s BODIE TROLL is about the titular Bodie Troll, an adorable little guy who insists that he’s fearsome and disgusting…he’s more of the latter than the former. I met Jay at the Kids Read Comics festival in Ann Arbor this past June and was shocked to learn he didn’t come from the world of animation at all; his work is super-lively with great bounce and character designs. And it’s a fun, funny comic, too. As much as I’m impressed by BODIE TROLL, I opted to draw Pix being less than thrown by Bodie.

Learn more about Bodie and Jay P. Fosgitt here.


REMINDER: I’ll be at Aw Yeah Comics in Skokie, IL tomorrow, 11/26, from 3-5pm, sketching, signing, and selling copies of PIX: ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND. Stop on by if you’re within throwing distance!

Pix Plus is a series of drawings presenting Pix in team-ups with notable characters from kid-friendly comics and graphic novels. The series will run Monday-Friday, from November 17-December 24. Please do share and let people know about Pix and Pix Plus!

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