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Pix Plus…Chance Falconer (from LEAVE IT TO CHANCE)!


Chance Falconer is the star of a comics series from the late ’90s called LEAVE IT TO CHANCE, by Paul Smith and James Robinson, and it was one of my favorite comics at the time, and, obvious in a way that I hadn’t quite registered, an influence on PIX and the kind of work I do. Chance lives in Devil’s Echo, a place where magic and supernatural occurrences are part of life, and her father is the foremost supernatural detective/protector of Devils’ Echo. Chance wants to follow in his footsteps, and the book is kind of a supernatural Nancy Drew, which might not be a fair comparison…plus she has a dragon sidekick, St. George.

The book was great, with one issue (#12 or #13, I can’t remember which, this is pre-2000 stuff I’m talking about) being so great I called Paul Smith (the artist, who I worked with a couple times as an assistant editor at Marvel) to tell him it was my favorite comic of that year. And sadly, it’s been out of print for far too long. Suffice to say I liked this series enough that I actually inquired with Image Comics, the original publisher, about what I might be able to do to get a complete collection put together and released;  I was ready to invest! But in lieu of that, I published my OWN book about a young girl dealing with strange things…and while they’re quite different in so many ways, I felt it only right to draw a piece with them together…

As I mentioned, LEAVE IT TO CHANCE is long out of print, so I have no link to info about it. Instead, a link to Paul Smith’s website (can’t seem to find a website for James Robinson).


Pix Plus is a series of drawings presenting Pix in team-ups with notable characters from kid-friendly comics and graphic novels. The series will run Monday-Friday, from November 17-December 24. Please do share and let people know about Pix and Pix Plus!

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    • Gregg

      My reaction to seeing this comment is, essentially, the same comment, maybe with a “wowsers!” thrown into the mix for good measure. Thanks, Paul!

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