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Pix Plus…Mermin!


Mermin, the mer man from Mer, is the star of the MERMIN series of graphic novels by Joey Weiser, who, like myself, is a regular contributor to SPONGEBOB COMICS (I’ve even drawn some of his stories), but while both Mermin and SpongeBob are aquatic creatures, Mermin’s different and very entertainingly so. Super-readable and engaging, what’s most fun to me about it is the action element; Mermin’s got super powers…secrets to his identity…a uniform that could be a costume – Mermin is kind of a superhero…a new kind of Aquaman in a lot of ways. With that, it seemed natural to draw my interpretation of Mermin in as super heroic a way I could, comin’ at ya with classic superhero comics posing!

Learn more about Mermin and Joey Weiser here.

Pix Plus is a series of drawings presenting Pix in team-ups with notable characters from kid-friendly comics and graphic novels. The series will run Monday-Friday, from November 17-December 24. Please do share and let people know about Pix and Pix Plus!

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