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Pix Plus…Secret Science Alliance!



I first saw Eleanor Davis’s work in NURSERY RHYME COMICS and FAIRY TALE COMICS, and was so impressed by those short stories I looked for more, which is how I learned about her graphic novel THE SECRET SCIENCE ALLIANCE AND THE COPYCAT CROOK. It’s great. It’s a fun story about kids who defy cliche and stereotype using their brains and teamwork to stop a bad guy. What more could you want? Well, the art and storytelling are top notch. Rich and detailed, but still lively and cartoony. She also wrote the book STINKY, from Toon Books, for younger readers still. And with all that, she does non-kids work as well. A very talented creative person, indeed.

It would take me ages to come up with the kind of cool, Rube Goldberg-ian tech in the book, so I went with something simpler but playing to my wheelhouse: a big, brassy shot of Pix with the Secret Science Alliance team leaping into action!

Here are sample pages from Eleanor Davis’s website.

Pix Plus is a series of drawings presenting Pix in team-ups with notable characters from kid-friendly comics and graphic novels. The series will run Monday-Friday, from November 17-December 24. Please do share and let people know about Pix and Pix Plus!

Ask your local comic shop to order PIX: ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND, in the December catalog, item #DEC141546

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