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Tag: Pix Too Super for School

Kids Picked PIX at the 2018 Kids’ Comics Awards!

PIX: TOO SUPER FOR SCHOOL won TWO Kids’ Comics Awards At the 2018 Ann Arbor Comics Festival (A2CAF)!

PIX won in two categories, “Favorite Author” and “Be Cool, Stay in School” (featuring books taking place in/at school).

Kids and teens voted (both online and at A2CAF) for the winners, and I was thrilled to be there to accept the awards.

The awards themselves are super-awesome Lego mini-figs (see photo above – also pictured is SPONGEBOB COMICS, which I also worked on – and also won an award).
(here’s me, accepting one of my Kids’ Comics Awards – you can watch the whole KCA ceremony here)
Thank you to everyone who voted. Now I can call it the Award-Winning PIX: TOO SUPER FOR SCHOOL by Award-Winning Gregg Schigiel!
Woo hoo!!!

Kids’ Comics Award Nominations for PIX!

PIX, Vol. 2: TOO SUPER FOR SCHOOL has been nominated in TWO categories in the Kids’ Comics Awards!

The categories are:

“Favorite Author” and “Be Cool, Stay in School” (for books taking place at school)

I’m honored that PIX got those nominations and gratified to be in the company of the other nominees.

While nominations are open to all and a selection committee of determines the final ballot, KIDS (and teens) vote on the winner. So if you’re a kid or teen or the parent, step-parent, half-parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, teacher, counselor, coach, babysitter, nanny/manny, etc. to an awesome kid or teen who likes PIX, please get the votes out for PIX!

You can vote via the link below:


Voting is open until June 16th. Winners will be announced on June 17th at A2CAF in Ann Arbor, MI. I’ll be there, so hopefully I can walk away victorious! Thanks so much for your support!!!

Previewing PIX Vol. 2: TOO SUPER FOR SCHOOL!

You can now read the entire first chapter of PIX Vol. 2: TOO SUPER FOR SCHOOL (available May 3, 2017, in better comic shops everywhere)!

But while you wait until May, you can read 28 pages for free! And when you do, remember the book is currently available for pre-order from your local comic shop (tell them it’s Diamond Item #MAR170830), your local independent bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

Click here, or on the image below to see the preview!


Pix Book 2 – Title and Cover Announcement!

It’s been a busy summer as I’ve been working hard on the follow-up book to PIX: ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND. Subscribers to my monthly email newsletter have been getting regular updates (subscribe via the form on the right!), but today’s newsletter featured an update that needed a full court press. PIX book 2 has an official title…


But wait, there’s more! I also have cover art to share. I’m still finalizing the colors, but in the meantime, the line art for the new book is going to look like this…but in color:


Looking to have this book out in the spring of 2017 (shooting for March), but once I have an official date, I’ll make sure to post that, too.


But in the meantime, spread the word far and wide! The more people know about Pix the better!!!