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Kids’ Comics Award Nominations for PIX!

PIX, Vol. 2: TOO SUPER FOR SCHOOL has been nominated in TWO categories in the Kids’ Comics Awards!

The categories are:

“Favorite Author” and “Be Cool, Stay in School” (for books taking place at school)

I’m honored that PIX got those nominations and gratified to be in the company of the other nominees.

While nominations are open to all and a selection committee of determines the final ballot, KIDS (and teens) vote on the winner. So if you’re a kid or teen or the parent, step-parent, half-parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, teacher, counselor, coach, babysitter, nanny/manny, etc. to an awesome kid or teen who likes PIX, please get the votes out for PIX!

You can vote via the link below:


Voting is open until June 16th. Winners will be announced on June 17th at A2CAF in Ann Arbor, MI. I’ll be there, so hopefully I can walk away victorious! Thanks so much for your support!!!

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